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Arrancar Fans

Fans of Aizen's Hole-y Subordinates

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Dedicated to the Arrancar of Kubo Tite's Bleach manga.
Arrancar Fans
Welcome to arrancar_fans, a community dedicated to Aizen's hole-y subordinates. Whether you think Grimmjow's hot, think Aizen and Ulquiorra have something going on, want to be in denial of Il Forte's early demise, like to wonder just what's up with Di Roy's other eye, or can't wait to find out the rest of the Espada's names, this is the place for you!

Community Rules
What can be posted here?

    Fanfics, Drabbles, or Fanart as long as they include an arrancar to a significant degree (it's okay to link old fic or rec other people's fics as well!)
    Doujinshi scans
    Icons or banners
    Speculation and Discussion (examples: What are Halibel's powers?, Does Ulquiorra realize his mascara's leaking?, etc.)
    Advertisements for communities for arrancars or arrancar pairings.
    Advertisements for RPs specifically looking for arrancar players, if you've previously contributed to the community.

What should not be posted here?

    Large images and fics that aren't cut.
    Introduction posts. Just say 'Hi, I'm new!' when you post your first contribution. It'll give us something to remember you by!
    Flaming other members (if there's a problem, get in touch with your moderator)
    Character bashing (Discuss it if you will, but refrain from the mindless hatred)
    Uncredited Japanese fanart. If you want to share Japanese fanart, just link to the artist's page. A reminder that many artists take down their sites when they discover their art is being stolen.
    Fanfic or Fanart of the overlords (Aizen, Gin, Tousen) by themselves or not featuring the arrancar significantly. All three of the overlords have communities of their own that would be better suited to this.
    Advertisements not related to arrancar (if you'd like to affiliate, comment over here).

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